Storing and Caring for Your Accessories

We hope you love your Allaia accessories and enjoy wearing them for many years to come! To help keep them looking as beautiful as the day they arrived, please read and follow these instructions for cleaning, storing and caring for them.

• Avoid spraying products like hairspray or perfume while wearing your jewelry or hair accessories.

• Dry hair before wearing products that include metal. Do not wear them while swimming or immediately after swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools.

• To avoid stretching, do not put elastics in wet hair.

• Use a silver cloth on metals after each use to remove oils and dirt.

• Store products in their original soft box when not in use.

• Do not store your metal accessories alongside other items that could damage or scratch them, such as keys, etc.

• Store styles with freshwater pearls in their original soft pouch to avoid contact with other objects that could scratch the pearls.

• Keep jewelry and accessories away from small children and pets to avoid accidental swallowing and/or damage.

If you have specific care questions, please don’t hesitate to ask INCLUDE EMAIL LINK HERE.