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I teach aspiring authors how to build a highly engaged fanbase as well as how to implement marketing strategies to sell their books with ease.

Looking for a successful marketing strategy for promoting your books?

Not everything is going to be the right fit!

Your ideal strategy depends on your author archetype. Take the quiz and find out which archetype you belong to and which marketing activities will bring you more sales and new readers.

Book Promotion

A step-by-step guide for promoting your books and getting noticed by as many readers as possible.

Author's Personal Brand

How to create a personal brand that helps you stand out among authors, promote your books, and make money from them.

Book Launch Strategies

How to find your target audience, introduce yourself, advertise, and successfully sell your books.

Social Media For Authors

What to write about in blog posts to make them attractive to readers.

Building a Fanbase

How to find new readers, turn them into fans and keep them engaged for years.

Book Covers and Descriptions

How to create an attractive cover, title, and blurb that will increase your discoverability in a busy market.


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Meet Irina Chan

Marketing coach for aspiring authors

My name is Irina Chan. I am a marketing professional with 20 years of experience. I am a huge fan of fiction, and I created this website to help future literary celebrities take their first steps in their business.

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"Irina Chan's marketing tutorial/skills for fiction writers is clear and inspiring, and not for sissies. She shows you exactly what you must do and how. She makes you see that it's all possible, and that there is serious work involved. Then all you have left is your fear of success to stop you from acting on her counsel."
Robin Bennett Stein
Literary Fiction Writer

Hot topics. Awesome instructors.

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How to Build a Successful Marketing Strategy for Your Fiction Book