Essential Links for Self-Publishing Authors
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Writers groups


Meetup.com – A directory of local writers’ groups, where you can connect with other authors and participate in workshops and events.


Literary Fiction Writers – Connect with other writers of literary fiction, share your work, and discuss the art of writing in our supportive community. Join us to improve your writing skills and make meaningful connections with fellow writers.

Manga Artists, Animators, and Authors United is a group for manga enthusiasts to connect and engage with other artists and authors in the community. Members can share their artwork, discuss their favorite manga and anime, and collaborate on projects with like-minded individuals.


r/selfpublish/ – A place to discuss just about everything in the world of indie books.

r/writing – Discussions about the writing craft.

r/PubTips – PubTips is the go-to place for traditional publishing news, professional AMAs with authors, agents, editors, publicists, etc. 

r/creativewriting – A community for writers of any caliber to come and share their work. 

r/writers – A community for writers to discuss their work, ask for feedback, and share resources.

r/wroteabook – A subreddit for authors to promote their recently published books and connect with readers.

r/BookSuggestions – A subreddit for readers to suggest and discuss books of all genres, offering authors a platform to promote their work and connect with potential readers.

r/WritersGroup – A subreddit for writers to join writing groups, receive feedback on their work, and connect with other writers.

r/BookPromotion – This subreddit is dedicated to promoting books and helping authors reach new readers. It’s a great place to share your book marketing strategies and get feedback from other authors.

My subreddit:

r/SelfPubPromotion – was created for aspiring authors just starting their journey in self-publishing.

Author groups by genre


r/scifiwriting – This subreddit is for those interested in writing science fiction. Members can share their writing and get feedback from others, as well as discuss the craft of writing science fiction.


r/eroticauthors – This subreddit is for authors who write steamy romance and erotic fiction. It’s a great place to connect with other writers, share marketing tips, and get feedback on your work.

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