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Where to start with an author’s fanbase

The most troubling idea is that anyone can read your book. 

Imagine that your marketing campaign is a rain cloud. Directly below it, in the very center, it will rain heavily, and at the edges, it will only drizzle.

The same goes for your readers. Fans of your genre should be right under your promotion cloud.

Now you need to determine who they are – your readers.

Geography, language, and culture. 

The society your readers live in greatly influences the choice of books. For example, the most popular fantasy stories in the United States are those in which the main character changes, acquiring a superpower, because many are not happy with whom they are in real life. But in Russia, fantasy stories are the most popular, where the main character goes to another world, as readers do not like the surrounding reality in which they live.

Dreams and needs of readers. 

Genres of fiction reflect the dreams of readers. Someone dreams of adventure, someone about love, and someone about treasures. All the emotions that are not available to us in the real world, we can get in the imaginary world. Non-fiction genres are based on needs. We can get what we dream about by solving a problem or completing a task.

Reader’s situation. 

Someone reads fiction to relax, someone to feel like a hero, someone to escape from reality. Non-fiction readers can engage in general self-development, solve a specific problem, or explore a field of knowledge. In any case, the reader has a life situation where the book satisfies his needs.

The gender and age of readers help to define the reader’s dreams, needs, and situations more specifically.

Example: A woman, 40 years old, lives in the USA. She has an office job, a beloved husband, and teenage children. She doesn’t want to flirt and put her relationship at risk. But she really wants to experience the emotions of nascent love and first sex. Books are the source of these emotions for her.

I think it is not difficult to understand what kind of books she wants to read and what social media accounts she will be happy to subscribe to.

Subscribe to my account. In the next post, we will explore.

The target audience for the author

As stated in the previous post, your readers are fans of the genre you work in – this is your target audience.

But this is a very vague concept, and it must be clarified.

Why is it essential?

🔹 If you do not know your readers’ gender, age, and geography, you will have difficulty setting up ads. Effective advertising for authors is critical. Otherwise, how will you find new readers?

🔹 If you don’t know the core of your audience, you have no idea who you’re talking to. As a result, you will have never-ending problems writing copy for social media, your website, authors’ pages etc.

For example, fans of romance novels 💞 15-25 years old and ❤️ 35-55 years old are completely different audiences.

Girls dreaming of a prince 🤴🏻 and ladies dreaming of a smart man 👨🏻‍💼 need different characters, different book covers, different book descriptions and different advertising layouts.

By defining the core of your audience, you acquire a powerful tool. You will understand who you are talking to.

For example, if I see an ad that begins with the words “Every girl dreams of dressing fashionably” 👗, I immediately understand that the author of the text is not talking to me. I have not been addressed as “girl” for a long time, and I don’t think about fashion and clothes at all.

To get my attention, you need to talk to me in a completely different way. For example, I immediately reacted to the phrase in the advertisement, “The most comfortable bra in the world.” 👙

The same happens with books, paintings, photographs, and all ather creative products.

Can you define who your target audience is? For whom are you writing? Let me know in the comments. 💬

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Secret of success

I bet every time you see successful books in your genre or posts, or ads, you hear a familiar voice: “This spot is taken. Don’t even try. Nobody needs you.”

Sound familiar? Then read on.👇

Any successful writer experienced the same feeling just a few years ago. Because everyone starts from scratch, they’ve all been in a situation where it’s unclear how to proceed. 🙇🏻‍♀️

But some become professional authors, while others do not.

Do you know what the difference is? Some of them can overcome their fears.

Good news!

Almost all the fears of beginning writers have nothing to do with reality.

Here is a list of these baseless fears:

😥 Nobody cares about my creativity;

😳 They will laugh at me;

😕 What if my writing is not good enough;

🙁 Nobody will ever buy my books;

🤬 My ideas will be stolen;

🤐  Advertising is expensive, with no guarantees;

🥴  Promoting myself is embarrassing;

😓 Advocating for my books will be intrusive;

😈 Trolls will find me and bother me;

🤭 What I do is nonsense;

🥺 The genre of my books is silly;

😏 I’m just an amateur;


Everything on this list is false.

Where does all this come from?

Someone once said these things, and we believed them. 

This is a perfect excuse: “I can not do it. I’m afraid!”

🧠 No wonder there is no motivation or inspiration. The brain does not allocate psychic energy to those who are gripped by fear.

Do you have any of these fears?

Write in the comments what you are afraid of, and I will try to dispel your fears, and they will no longer stand in your way.


Tired of writing for no one?

Then you need to realize that being an author is a business.

🔹 You have a product – your books,

🔹 You have customers – your readers,

🔹 There are even wholesalers – publishers.

Like any business, your success is determined by profit. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Not by winning a literary competition, not by contracting with a publisher, but by receiving income from the sale of your books.

💰 Profit is the gratitude of your readers.

Fame can come to the author if there are many grateful readers,. 🎊

To make a profit, you need to promote your book. No publisher, no agent will do this work for you.

It depends only on whether your readers will hear about you and your book.

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