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The genre of your book is your business niche

How to know the genre of your book?

The first thing you need to do in terms of promotion is to determine your book’s genre. 📚🎨💬

Why is this important?

Readers will be able to find you only when you are on the list of authors in their favorite genre.

Everyone sorts books by genre: readers, publishers, journalists, etc. So if you want your book to be found in the general stream, you need to decide on your genre.

A list of all genres can be found on the website of any bookstore. Explore two or three platforms to help you understand in which section you would like to see your book. Pay attention to the genre neighbors: does your book fit into this group? Will readers be happy if they find you on this list?

It is also essential to decide on a subgenre: not just Fantasy, but Romantic Fantasy or Magical Realism. Keep in mind that different subgenres may have different target audiences.

The more clearly you define your niche, the easier it will be for you to promote yourself.

If you are a distinguished author with millions of readers, you can write anything at all, and everyone will be happy. After all, your books will be searched by the author’s name. If you are at the beginning of the path, your only chance to get featured in the catalog is to get into the correct genre.

✍🏻 You will rely on your genre when choosing a title, writing a blurb,  designing a cover, or writing texts for a website – every step you take will depend on this choice.

If you think all this is unimportant and it will be possible to decide on these things along the way, I’m sorry to tell you: it doesn’t work that way. It’s like putting wheels of different sizes on your car. 🛻 Of course, you can ride, but only slowly and with problems.

Can I write in different genres?

If you stick to one genre, you gradually gather readers around you who love your books and are waiting for new ones. You build your brand and reputation and establish business connections with other authors of this genre. You are creating your writing business in a specific niche.

What happens if you start writing books in a different genre?

You will not be able to sell your new books to your established audience. Only a tiny fraction of them will be willing to buy your new books.

For example:

You write contemporary romance and have readers who love your books and are waiting for new ones. You announce to them that your new book will be about love, but now it’s Sci-Fi. How will your readers feel? They will be disappointed. They love contemporary, but they don’t like science fiction. Also, they can not expect new books in their favorite genre any time soon. Of course, some super-fans will read any of your books, but there are not many of them.

You will have to find an audience almost from scratch and rebuild the entire business. Yes, it will be easier than the first time. 

Now you have two businesses, two audiences, two advertising budgets, and so on.

Do you have enough energy and time for this?

You can write in multiple genres if:

– Writing books ‘s just a hobby and a way of self-expression. You do not care about a fanbase and income.

– You have already written dozens of books in one genre and want to try something new. You realize that your amount of work on promotion and marketing will increase by 75%, and you are ready for it.

It becomes clear that defining your genre is one of the most critical decisions for a professional author. By choosing your genre, you choose the audience you will write to and with whom you will communicate.

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