Which Book Marketing Strategy
Matches Your Personality?

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Your author archetype is Expert

You are one of the Experts in your field and have sufficient knowledge and qualifications to help your readers with the solution to specific problems.

Writing books performs the following functions in your professional life:

  •  You summarize your knowledge in the form of a certain theory, approach or set of techniques;
  •  You secure a certain area of knowledge and demonstrate the qualification us an Expert;
  •  You get one more reason to discuss your topic in the media or the blogosphere – already as the author of the book;
  •  By involving new readers into your orbit, you turn them into customers.

The key to success for you is having expert knowledge and the willingness to share it.


First of all, you are motivated by the desire to share knowledge, show possible ways of development, answer burning questions, etc.

In return, you receive gratitude, respect and money, and also increase your social capital. It is very important for you to be a sought-after specialist and feel your importance and need.

Optimal creative strategy

Even if you only have one book, this is a great tool for uncovering a problem and describing possible solutions. It can be both fiction and non-artistic books.

The purpose of such a book is to help people understand what they are facing, to enable them to make sense of what happened and, if necessary, to guide them further – to study the subject or to receive professional help.

Example of a non-fiction book: A professional YouTube coach writes a tutorial for newbies who want to promote their channel.

Such a book shows that the author deeply knows his topic, gives the reader basic knowledge and leads him to the next step – buying an in-depth course or consultation.

Fiction book example: A family psychologist writes a novel that tells the story of a divorce and remarriage. Such a book gives women hope for a brighter future and provides examples of what to do and what not to do.

In addition, the work acquaints readers with the values and approach of a psychologist and builds confidence in him as a subtle, understanding and highly qualified specialist, to whom it makes sense to turn for help.

For an Expert, a book is a great promotional tool because your readers and your customers are the same people. After reading your work, readers begin to perceive you as an authority in this field. They feel like they already know you and trust you.

Your Income

Experts receive their main income by providing services in their profile, as well as earning from teaching and speaking.

Books can also bring in a solid income, but under one of three conditions:

  •  Your topic is so in demand that you could potentially interest millions;
  •  Your niche is so profitable that you can charge a high price and still get paid because people NEED your knowledge.
  •  Your book is the textbook one needs to buy for college.

Marketing strategy

>> The reader’s path to purchase

A person has a problem, and he does not know how to solve it and does not have anyone in his environment who could help him.

He finds your book – because he is actively looking for information on this topic, and after reading it, he realizes that the author is the very person who is able to guide him along the right path.

Thus, the reader becomes your potential customer. You need to redirect him from the book to your professional resources, where he can get acquainted with the list of services you offer.

If he becomes a client – excellent: you have already reached the goal. But in case the person is not yet ready to bay, you need to keep in touch with him. The best way to do this is to add him to your mailing list. Receiving regular emails from you, the reader will not forget about you, and at the moment when your services become relevant, you will be the first person he will contact.

>> How does the reader find your book

In order for readers to know about you, you need to advertise. The money from the sale of the book will pay for advertising, and you will receive readers and clients for whom you will become the best specialist in the industry.

Also, your books can be found by recommendation.
For example, you may be recommended by a public figure who solved their problem by reading your book.
Successfully solving problems starts recommendations word of mouth. Friends, colleagues, and family members are the most reliable referrals.

Readers can find your book on self-published platforms. To make it possible, the topic of your book shud match one of the platform directory categories. In this case, readers looking for problem solutions can find your book organically.

>> Social media

In your case, maintaining social networks is optional, but they can be used as one of the ways to attract and retain customers.

More often than not, Experts don’t have the time or skills to constantly post new content, as modern social media algorithms require. But you can prepare 24 posts in advance, posting twice a month, which is quite a feasible task.

You need to register your accounts in those social media where your potential customers live. Tell visitors about yourself and your qualifications, make a presentation of books and services, place a link to your website where those who wish can subscribe to the newsletter, and post information about operational communication.

In all social media, the texts can be the same – it’s just your “business card”.

It is advisable not to mix posts dedicated to professional and personal life – this confuses potential customers. Many may not understand that they have an expert account in front of them.

If you want to publish personal news on social media, it is better to create a separate account for this.

There is an option to have an active social media account, where an Expert attracts new clients / readers by publishing valuable tips on his topic. The gold is to attract organic traffic from the social media, and thus the Expert becomes a blogger. People find this account, get acquainted with its author, subscribe and become readers, and then customers.

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