Jewelry has a language of its own that helps us tell the world who we are.  When we study a painting, we try to understand what the artist is trying to convey.  When we choose a piece of jewelry, be it a ring, a pendant or a necklace, we look for an expression of the mood that we want to convey to those around us.  One day it might be “tenderness”, another it could be a “readiness for adventure”.


Jewelry is a language that is understood by everyone who looks at you.  The main thing is never to get your words mixed up and never say nothing.

I moved from Russia to the USA in 2016 and immediately felt as if a new wellspring was bubbling up into my life.  My past classical training with its precision and elegance, rooted in Russia’s finest art had been rocketed skywards by the bright potential of the future.  And this is precisely the creative process that I live and experience every day here in California.


Irina Chan

Every morning, I drive to my wonderful studio in the center of Los Angeles and admire the beautiful women walking along its sidewalks. They are confident and free. They are aware of their self-worth and know what they want.  And especially important to them are those unique adornments that help others understand them.  After all, what could be more important than to project answers to the eternal questions, “Who am I?” and “What am I striving for?”

The materials that I work with are silver, natural pearls and precious stones.  The perfect medium for conveying the vital energy that my clients are so abundantly blessed with?


My designs are exceptional and exclusive! I try to create the sort of timeless jewelry that is passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter.  It’s about that moment when you open the box in front of her and reverentially bring to the light a subtle, gleaming thing of wonder.

“Now do you understand the life I have lived?”

And they will always understand because this is a language that lasts forever.