Two Strategies for Promotion of Authors

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Uncover the powerful secrets to attracting and retaining readers. In this world of books and authors, two main strategies prevail—“From Book to Author” and “From Author to Book”. But how do these methods operate, and which should you employ? Let’s delve into these intriguing concepts.

Decoding Reader Behavior 🧐

It’s not uncommon for readers to finish a book, enjoy the experience, and yet, remain oblivious to the author’s identity. Often, the author’s name catches our attention only post-reading, prompting a search for other works. If this search yields no results, we tend to forget the author. Conversely, if we encounter the author’s website, a catalog of their books, and links to their social networks, there’s a high likelihood of us pursuing their next book and exploring their social media platforms.

This strategy, known as “From Book to Author”, operates in conjunction with its counterpart, “From the Author to the Book”. The latter involves becoming acquainted with the author first—through their social media platforms or other mediums. Our interest in the author’s topics leads us to their books. These patterns of reader behavior influence authors’ promotional strategies.

Mastering the ‘From Book to Author’ Approach 💪

Here are some ways to win readers using this strategy:

  • You could secure a deal with a publishing house and hope that your book makes its way into stores and into readers’ hands. Such successes are, unfortunately, quite rare. Big publishing houses churn out thousands of titles each year, but not all print runs are sold. Only a few units become bestsellers.
  • Another route is to attract a celebrity endorsement. If a celebrity with a substantial following loves your book and recommends it, your sales could skyrocket.
  • A third option involves online advertising to catch the attention of potential readers. This is the most direct way and often the most efficient.

These methods could lead to a fair amount of readership. If your book resonates with readers and they recommend it to friends, your sales will certainly increase. However, most books eventually see a drop in sales, a truth we must confront.

Leveraging the ‘From Author to Books’ Strategy 🚀

This strategy emphasizes gathering your audience before publishing your book. You could become known as a blogger, industry specialist, teacher, commentator, journalist, analyst, and more.

Ways to amass an audience include:

  • Creating engaging content on social media,
  • Offering newsletter subscriptions in exchange for another book, valuable tips, etc.,
  • Participating in events like live streams, seminars, and guest posts.

When you offer your book to an audience that already knows you, you’re assuring a successful launch. Authors often gain some sales and the respected status of a published author following publication. However, without direct access to their readers, selling subsequent books becomes a challenge.

In contrast, if you actively curate your fan base, you become less dependent on publishers, critics, and stores. You have the freedom to market your works to your readers when you wish. A strong fan base also provides social proof of success, vital for engagements with publishers and the film industry.

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