Breaking the Silence: Overcoming Embarrassment and Celebrating Your Writing Journey

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Dear aspiring authors, do you know you’re not alone in battling a familiar yet daunting nemesis? This nemesis, embarrassment, subtly nudges your self-perception, swaying your decisions and actions. Wondering why this emotion casts such a large shadow on a writer’s behavior? Let’s together explore its roots and arm ourselves with practical solutions to conquer it once and for all!

Understanding the Paradox: Fear of Judgment Vs Desire for Recognition

Embarrassment among us writers often germinates from a fear of judgment or ridicule. In a bid to safeguard ourselves, we might cloak our writing passion, leading to a bittersweet situation. Yes, it provides a shield from potential criticism, but it simultaneously isolates us from the immense support and camaraderie these very individuals can offer. This secrecy also forms barriers to receiving constructive feedback and joyfully sharing our achievements. Let’s not forget, by keeping our work hidden, we’re closing doors to any possible opportunities. Who knows where the right connections might emerge from?

The Dichotomy: Guarding Creativity & Yearning for Readership

Just imagine the liberty you’d feel if you could casually tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your writing plans for the evening or an upcoming meeting with readers! Yet, many budding authors guard their creativity as a top-secret mission. Isn’t it ironic? On one hand, we yearn for as many people as possible to read our work, but on the other, our books barely see the light of day due to our hesitations. So where does this contradiction stem from?

Identifying the Culprits: Fear of Criticism & Feelings of Inadequacy

There are two main culprits. The first is the criticism and negative reactions we might face from our social environment towards our creative endeavors. Self-confidence is usually a trait nurtured from childhood, and if we’re not so fortunate, we must take it upon ourselves to cultivate it. The second factor exacerbating our insecurities is society’s tendency to perceive writers as reverential figures. When we, especially those of us at the start of our creative journeys, compare ourselves to these seemingly lofty standards, feelings of unworthiness may encourage further withdrawal.

Turning the Tables: Embrace and Celebrate Your Writing Journey

But let’s take a moment to set things straight: it doesn’t have to be this way. You, yes you, as an aspiring writer, possess every right to revel in your creativity, hug your passion close, and invite others to accompany you on your journey. Here are a few heart-to-heart tips to guide you:

1. Demystify the Role of a Writer

Writing isn’t a divine gift held by a select few. It’s a skill, like any other, that can be sharpened with time and practice. Until it turns into a steady income source, consider writing a hobby – something you thoroughly enjoy and are refining. There’s absolutely no need for secrecy or unnecessary embarrassment in discussing your interests.

2. Embrace Your Love for Writing

Absolutely, even with your colleagues at work. You don’t need to offer them your latest chapter for critique, but acknowledging your love for writing only casts you as a multifaceted, creative individual. Remember, not everyone will immediately demand to read your book, and that’s okay. Some people might react indifferently, but that’s just because they have their own interests. Some sing in a choir, some embroider, and you – you weave stories.

3. Free Yourself from Secrecy

Maintaining secrets can be exhausting. It robs you of freedom and saps a ton of mental energy. By embracing your hobby of writing, you unlock energy that can be redirected towards sparking creativity and crafting your next masterpiece.

4. Welcome Communication and Cooperation

There are likely folks in your life who will understand and support your creative pursuits. By including them in your journey, you open yourself to growth, feedback, and shared celebration. Don’t deny them the chance to support and assist you by concealing your love for writing.

Embrace Your Passion, Own Your Journey

In conclusion, the path to proudly sharing your writing passion might appear daunting at first, but remember – every small step makes a difference. With time and consistency, you’ll muster the courage to share and promote your work. After all, every story deserves its moment in the spotlight. So, embrace your passion and relish the journey! We’re all in this together, my friends!


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