Book Marketing Strategy for Authors

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🙅🏻‍♀️ Not every marketing strategy suits you!

📚You want your books to sell well, and you’ve probably learned a wide variety of marketing techniques. However, this does not help much, because it is not clear what advice and in what sequence the technique should be applied in your particular case.

Every author has a different situation, and not all marketing tools are suitable. 

How to determine – how to promote your books? 🤔

Your successful marketing strategy will depend on three main parameters:

🔷 Your product – what kind of books you write;

🔷 Your goals – in what direction you are going to develop;

🔷 Your resources and preferences – what skills and capabilities you have and how much energy you are willing to invest in promoting your books.

Book marketing tips found on the internet often don’t work, not because they’re wrong, but because they don’t work for you.

To help you out of this impasse, I’ve created a quiz to aid you in identifying your writing archetype as well as marketing activities that will take your book sales to a whole new level.

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Find out which author archetype you are and what marketing strategy best suits you.



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