Identifying Your Reader: Who are the target audience of the book?

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As stated in the previous post, your readers are fans of the genre you work in – this is your target audience.

But this is a very vague concept, and it must be clarified.

Why is it essential?

🔹 If you do not know your readers’ gender, age, and geography, you will have difficulty setting up ads. Effective advertising for authors is critical. Otherwise, how will you find new readers?

🔹 If you don’t know the core of your audience, you have no idea who you’re talking to. As a result, you will have never-ending problems writing copy for social media, your website, authors’ pages etc.

For example, fans of romance novels 💞 15-25 years old and ❤️ 35-55 years old are completely different audiences.

Girls dreaming of a prince 🤴🏻 and ladies dreaming of a smart man 👨🏻‍💼 need different characters, different book covers, different book descriptions and different advertising layouts.

By defining the core of your audience, you acquire a powerful tool. You will understand who you are talking to.

For example, if I see an ad that begins with the words “Every girl dreams of dressing fashionably” 👗, I immediately understand that the author of the text is not talking to me. I have not been addressed as “girl” for a long time, and I don’t think about fashion and clothes at all.

To get my attention, you need to talk to me in a completely different way. For example, I immediately reacted to the phrase in the advertisement, “The most comfortable bra in the world.” 👙

The same happens with books, paintings, photographs, and all other creative products.

Can you define who your target audience is? For whom are you writing? Let me know in the comments. 💬

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