Supply and demand in the writing business

Earlier, we discussed your genre and your target audience’s core. Now we know who we are talking to. We understand what these people dream about and what they need.

We understand the demand.

We need to determine who you are and why these audiences will want to follow you. We need to build your offer.

Your offer must meet the demand.

We must give readers not what we have but what they want.

An author trying to sell what he likes can rely only on luck that his interests will coincide with the tastes of a sufficiently large number of readers.

The author who meets the demand is guaranteed to find those who will buy his books.

If you want to build an author’s business that will bring a stable income, you need to understand that your creations do not belong to you. You write books for readers – and this is your mission.

You can turn your hobby of writing novels into a business only if you stop writing for yourself and start writing for readers.

It does not mean that you do not care what you write. It means that the desires of your readers are your priority.

Do you write for yourself or for readers?

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