Book Marketing Fears

Blog 5

I bet every time you see successful books in your genre or posts, or ads, you hear a familiar voice: “This spot is taken. Don’t even try. Nobody needs you.”

Sound familiar? Then read on.👇

Any successful writer experienced the same feeling just a few years ago. Because everyone starts from scratch, they’ve all been in a situation where it’s unclear how to proceed. 🙇🏻‍♀️

But some become professional authors, while others do not.

Do you know what the difference is? Some of them can overcome their fears.

Good news!

Almost all the fears of beginning writers have nothing to do with reality.

Here is a list of these baseless fears:

😥 Nobody cares about my creativity;

😳 They will laugh at me;

😕 What if my writing is not good enough;

🙁 Nobody will ever buy my books;

🤬 My ideas will be stolen;

🤐  Advertising is expensive, with no guarantees;

🥴  Promoting myself is embarrassing;

😓 Advocating for my books will be intrusive;

😈 Trolls will find me and bother me;

🤭 What I do is nonsense;

🥺 The genre of my books is silly;

😏 I’m just an amateur;


Everything on this list is false.

Where does all this come from?

Someone once said these things, and we believed them. 

This is a perfect excuse: “I can not do it. I’m afraid!”

🧠 No wonder there is no motivation or inspiration. The brain does not allocate psychic energy to those who are gripped by fear.

Do you have any of these fears?

Write in the comments what you are afraid of, and I will try to dispel your fears, and they will no longer stand in your way.



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