Book marketing in the author’s life

# 6

If you want to build your own business, then you have to make a decision that marketing is your responsibility, and from now on, you will spend several hours a day doing this.

What will you have to do?

🔹 Study the market and your competitors

🔹 Develop and implement your promotion strategy

🔹 Learn new skills (for example, advertising)

🔹 Create content: images, copies, and videos for social media

🔹 Communicate with your audience.

How long will you do this?

🔹 Constantly – as long as you run your business.

How much time per day should you allocate for marketing?

🔹 From 1 to 4 hours a day, depending on how fast you want to move ahead and how many resources you have.

Can it be delegated?

🔹 Yes and no.

Suppose you are just starting out and do not understand how and what to do; you cannot delegate. You will waste your money because, in the first stage, you do not know what you want and how the job is supposed to be done, so you can’t manage your employees.

You have to figure out the marketing basics and clearly define who should do what and how the result should look. Then, you can delegate part of the work.

If you are not ready to spend time on all of the above, then I am afraid – you will not succeed. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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