Conquering the Author Marketing Path: One Step at a Time

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Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of a task at hand? 😞 Or, worse yet, invested time and effort in creating something, only to realize that you need to start all over? And then the lingering question sneaks in, “Does anyone but me even care about this?”

I’ve been there, and today I want to share my experience of overcoming such situations. 👇

A New Beginning in Sunny California ☀️

At 39, I relocated from Russia to the United States. Along with finding love and embarking on a marital journey, I also discovered a new world in sunny California. While I found personal bliss, I lost my career. Back in Moscow, I was a seasoned business marketing consultant, but in Los Angeles, I was at a starting point—I could hardly read or write in English. 🙇🏻‍♀️

Taking the First Steps in Book Marketing

I had to start from somewhere. With a plethora of Russian-speaking authors in the US, I began assisting them in promoting their books—after all, marketing principles are universal. Parallelly, I immersed myself in learning English and understanding the international book market, exploring how books become bestsellers.

Creating an Online Course for Authors

Eventually, I accumulated a client base, leading me to design an online course for authors. I launched a YouTube channel, assembled my inaugural cohort of students, and recorded 75 video lectures offering a step-by-step guide for budding authors to achieve financial success in the Russian book market.

When External Factors Shake Foundations 🤯

Then the war in Ukraine erupted. Everything I had painstakingly built over two years was thrown into turmoil. 😱 It wasn’t just about the sanctions blocking payments from Russia and Belarus. The students I was working with were divided over the war, and I found myself unwilling to work with those supporting violence and destruction.

Choosing Courage Over Comfort 💪

The decision to relinquish my business, into which I had poured my heart and soul, was daunting. But, as I read the daily news, I was reassured about my choice. Gathering my strength again, I had to summon courage. I had to tell myself, “I have to do all this again, but in English. That’s the only way forward.”

I was under no illusions about the task that lay ahead: two more years of diligent work, sky-high competition, and the language barrier, given that English isn’t my first language. And yes, I was venturing into working with authors—masters of language. 🤩

Marching Forward, One Step at a Time

So here I am, sharing my insights and lessons from author marketing. Gradually, I am reaching out to writers who, despite all odds, have resolved to achieve success and contribute positively to the world through their books.

💫 I hope my story inspires you. Author marketing may seem complicated and slow to yield results. However, it’s not impossible, even if you’re battling strong competition or working with a second language. What you need is the courage to take the first step, then another, and another. As the ancient Romans used to say, “Viam supervadet vadens“ (loosely, “the one who walks will conquer the way”). So let’s conquer it, step by step. 💃🏻

Invitation to Join Our Facebook Group 📚

To assist you in stepping in the right direction, I invite you to join our new Facebook group—”How to Find Readers and Promote Your Books”. It’s a platform where I share top writer marketing tips and strategies, debunk common myths, and answer authors’ questions. This is your space to find inspiration, receive feedback, and acquire the knowledge necessary to move forward rather than feeling stuck.

Here’s the link to the group: 📚How to Find Readers and Promote Your Books. I look forward to seeing you there!


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