Unraveling the Business of Writing: A Guide for Aspiring Authors

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If you’ve resolved to comprehend the mechanics of the writing business and are keen on advancing your journey as a professional writer, then this message is for you.

At the heart of any business, including writing, are the clients—in our case, the readers. By understanding how readers discover new books, we can shape our strategies as authors, ensuring our works reach the right audience.

🚀 How Do Readers Discover New Books?Readers often come across new books through:

🔹 Online advertisements (via social networks, search engines, and bookstore recommendations)

🔹 Exploring the catalogs of bookselling websites

🔹 Discovering discounts on sites that specialize in discounted books (e.g., BookBub.com)

🔹 Reading about books in the press, on social networks, or hearing about them on podcasts

🔹 Recommendations from bloggers, influencers, or public figuresWord-of-mouth referrals from friends or relatives

🔹 Spontaneous purchases at bookstores

🔹 Engaging with communities of genre enthusiasts

🔹 Attending events like book or theme fairs… and many more. If you’re committed to steering your book’s destiny, then it’s essential to grasp how to advertise and promote your work—essentially, how to make readers aware of your existence.

📚 What Will This Journey Entail?

🔸 Market and Competitor Analysis: Understanding your genre and its current market dynamics is vital. You’re not writing in a vacuum; your readers engage with other authors too. Staying updated with trends will help you both in writing sought-after books and promoting them effectively.

🔸 Formulating a Promotion Strategy: Plan and organize your promotional activities to ensure they’re fruitful.

🔸 Acquiring New Skills: The literary craft is dynamic—especially with the advent of AI—and the market is in constant flux. As authors, we’re perpetual learners, striving to stay ahead of the curve.

🔸 Creating Engaging Content: This includes visuals, copies, and videos for social media—what your readers engage with beyond your books.

🔸 Interacting with Your Audience: Crucial for new writers, interaction helps retain readers while they await your next book.

🕓 How Long and How Often?

This is not a one-time task but an ongoing commitment as long as you’re in the writing business. Professional writers make these tasks part of their daily routine—somewhere between 1 to 4 hours a day, depending on your goals and resources.

💡 Can You Delegate?

Yes and no. As a beginner, delegation might lead to wasting resources. Initially, understanding marketing fundamentals is crucial, and knowing what to delegate and how results should look is pivotal. Only then can you effectively delegate some tasks.

If you’re hesitant to invest time in the points mentioned above, success may elude you. 🤦🏻‍♀️

But, if you’re determined to propel your books into the hands of eager readers, I can assist you in navigating the writing business and promotion. Join our Facebook group 📚 How to Find Readers and Promote Your Books, where I share invaluable insights for authors. Plus, it’s a platform to ask questions or seek feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you there. 🙂🌟


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