Write to Thrive: The Journey from Dreamer to Authorpreneur

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Have you ever contemplated the paramount condition that lays the foundation for a successful author’s career? It’s the unwavering decision: “From now on and forever, I am an author.”

Being an author isn’t something you aim to become; it’s something you choose to be, by embodying the responsibilities of this profession every single day.

We are what we do

Announcing yourself as an author, even a novice one, is a life-altering decision. It’s the first step towards aligning your actions with your dream of be a writer, and it transforms the way you interact with the world.

Your beliefs navigate your choices

Once you put on the author’s hat, you start seeing the world through the lens of writing: stories, characters, potential opportunities, avenues for expanding readership, and networks of fellow authors. Everything you do becomes intertwined with authorship and the promotion of your work.

What could go wrong?

So why do many struggle to make this leap? The truth is, it requires aligning our subconscious with our conscious desires. Our minds grant permission only when we envision a distinct goal, the path to it, and the promising results awaiting us.

Tired of Writing Without a Reader?

Time to realize that being an author is more than just penning down your thoughts. It’s a business.

🔹 Your product is your books.

🔹 Your customers are your readers.

🔹 Publishers serve as your wholesalers.

Just like any other business, your success is gauged by profit 💰. It’s not determined by winning a literary competition or landing a publishing contract, but by the income you generate from your book sales.

Profit is your readers’ monetary gratitude. It is the readers who pay the author’s remuneration and cover all their expenses. Fame for an author comes solely from readers.🎊

So, how does one ensure that the readers know about your book? The key lies in mastering the art of presenting and promoting your work. Book marketing is all about answering two critical questions: “Who are your readers?” and “How will you reach them?”

For those just embarking on their authorial journey, I’ve penned a guide, “I Finished My Book. Now What? A Novice Author’s Journey to Find Readership.” This book charts the path you need to traverse to connect with your initial reader base. You can purchase it here: https://irinachan.com/en-book/

🥂 Here’s to your success on this incredible journey!


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